A Good Posture Can Help You Create a Positive Impression

A Good Posture Can Help You Create a Positive Impression


Barbara Corcoran, who is an investor on the famous television show “Shark Tank” says that when she sees someone walk on the sets of the show and they are hunched over, she immediately interprets that they lack confidence. As an investor, she meets a lot of people in business. And she reveals that having a good posture is one of the best kept and underestimated secrets to creating a great first impression.


A good posture exudes confidence in a first impression. Along with this, the ability to look straight into the eye, great verbal and non-verbal communication skills are also important. Great leaders and politicians practice these skills for years because they have been proven to win trust of those they address.


Good posture as a case for your business


Creating a good first impression is vital for small business owners. This is because it creates a positive image of you on the mind of the person you are approaching, who will then take a chance to hear you out. This is because people you meet are making a judgment of you in the first seven seconds of your interaction! And how people judge you reflects on what they think about your business.


So when you go out there to meet someone for a business cause, walk with deliberate steps that give your audience the message that you are going to take over with your knowledge and charm. Make sure your shoulders are straight, head is held high and your chin is up. If there are people who can see you while you sit, make sure you do so with your back straight, feet planted on the floor and arms relaxed on your lap. There should not be any kind of slouching whatsoever.


Along with a good posture, you also need to be attentive to others. Looking at someone straight in the eye makes you look more confident creates trust. Second, you have to look the part, so make sure you are dressed for the occasion without displaying any chink in your armor. It is also important that you are attentive to what others are saying, and listen to them with patience.


A good straight posture indicates strong signs of leadership and confidence. It tells your audience that you are in control. Your competence goes unquestioned, and the audience cannot wait to hear what story you want to share. A good posture should come naturally to you after constant practice, and make you look relaxed. To achieve this, you can start practicing in front of a mirror, take videos of yourself to look back on areas to improve on.


So make sure you take your turn and take center stage the next time you have to meet a potential client or give a speech. Go WOW them!

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