1) What does STRACK do? What activities do you track?

A) Strack helps you to correct your back posture using customized training sessions and vibration alerts. It can also track activity and inactivity.


2) How long is the battery life of STRACK?

A) The STRACK’s battery lasts for 1-2 days based on usage.


3) Do I need a mobile device to use STRACK?

A) Yes. STRACK is compatible with iOS and Android Mobile Phones. Additionally, STRACK can work independent of Mobile without data syncing to the Mobile App


4) What are the compatibility requirements for the STRACK App?

A) STRACK APP COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS iOS 7 and above/iPhone 5 and above, iPad 3 and above, Android 4.4 and above WIRELESS CONNECTION COMPATIBILITY REQUIREMENTS BLE-Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0, Internet Connection


5) How can I wear STRACK?

A) STRACK can be worn in two ways based on your preference.

  • Using Magnetic Clasp
  • Using Medical Grade/Non-Allergic Adhesive


6) Will people be able to figure out that I’m wearing STRACK?

A) STRACK is tiny and light wearable device. STRACK can be worn on your back using tiny magnetic clasp or stick STRACK directly to the skin inside your clothing using Adhesive. Strack goes inside your clothing which is not visible to others.


7) Where can I purchase more adhesives stickers?

A) Adhesives are available for sale on our website.


8) What is "good posture"?

  1. Fully arch your back, then slouch forward, arch once more, and release to your neutral STRACK posture.
  2. Roll your shoulders back, and drop.
  3. Plant your feet on the ground at a 90-degree angle.
  4. Breathe deeply and stay relaxed.


9) How do I stick STRACK on my back?

  • Make sure that your skin is dry and clean before placing the STRACK on your back.  
  • Peel off the green patterned covering from the adhesive.
  • Next, firmly attach the device to your upper back, directly on your spine.

10) How do STRACK’s adhesives work?

A)  STRACK stays on with a reusable adhesive attached to your back and the device.The double-sided soft stickers are durable and reusable, lasting an average of 15 applications, which lasts on average 2-3 weeks with regular use. The stickers are made from medical silicone and are hypoallergenic. They stick easily and comfortably and work well, even with hair and/or sweat. 


11) How do I check if STRACK firmware is up-to-date?

A)  From the Mobile App Settings section.


12) How do I change the STRACK vibration/sensitivity settings?

A)  From the Mobile App Settings section.


13) What do the STRACK’s LED lights mean?

  • Turn ON Strack                        -> Blue LED Blinks
  • Connected to Mobile App     -> Green LED Blinks
  • Low Battery                               -> Red LED Blinks
  • Charging                                    -> Solid Red LED
  • Fully Charged                            -> Solid Green LED
  • Firmware Updating                  -> Solid Cyan LED
  • Turn OFF Strack                        -> Red LED Blinks


14) How do I calibrate STRACK?

A)  The calibration process helps your STRACK about your straight posture. It is important to calibrate your STRACK every time you put it on your back. You can repeat this step whenever you feel that your slouch position is not properly identified.


Calibrating your device is very simple and only takes 5 seconds. It can be done either from the app or from the STRACK itself.

  • Move into your straight posture and stay still for calibration.
  • Double click the power button, or tap CALIBRATION on the app's main screen.
  • STRACK will immediately respond with two short vibrations.


15) Can I use the same STRACK for multiple people?

A)  Yes, you can use the same STRACK on different people. Although in order to keep the memory of your training and tracking progress on your account you have to make sure to do the following: Sync your app with your device in order for the memory on the device will be kept on the user that used it. After you are done with syncing with the app, remember to Logout from the App and create a different account to the new user.


16) What is my STRACK Coach mode?

A)  Coach mode on strack is personalized training program curated by the mobile app based on the information provided by the user and helps user in posture training with the help of auto curated goals for each training day.


17) What is my STRACK Manual mode?

A)  Manual mode on strack can be customized by the user based on their preference, users can set own goals for the posture training through mobile app.


18) Can I share my STRACK?

A)  STRACK is your own personal trainer; however, it is possible to use the same device on two different phones, or two different users on the same phone.

Sharing STRACK with multiple phones or tablet:

Please logout and close the STRACK app after completing each training session. This will prevent connection issues, especially if you are in the same proximity of each other.

Sharing STRACK with the same phone or tablet:

Register two separate usernames and don't forget to logout at the end of each training session.


19) Can STRACK be used while running, lying down or driving?

A)  STRACK is designed to work while sitting, standing and walking.


20) Can I use STRACK without a training program?

A)  If you are still training you can continue to train outside of the program. However, we recommend not training more than 50% over your daily goal. Sitting straight for too long too fast will be hard on your core muscles which are working harder than usual to keep you sitting with good posture.

If you already finished your training program we suggest continuing to train for 30-60 minutes per session 1-2 times a week.


21) How do I clean my STRACK?

A)  We advise for you to clean your STRACK approximately once a month, according to your usage. It is best to clean it with a wet tissue or towel.


22) Can I train all-day with STRACK?

A)  Yes, the STRACK can be used all-day with our tracking and coaching modes!

We recommend using tracking mode after you have completed your training and optional overtime training. We recommend not doing overtime training more than 50% over your training goal, as this can put too much effort on the back.

However, being in TRACKING mode all day long, is recommended! Using tracking mode all day you will be able to track your daily posture habits and follow your progress.


23) Do I need to wear my STRACK all the time?

A)  It is recommended that you follow your personal training program and reach your daily goals of straight posture time. When you sign up, you will receive a custom training plan with weekly and daily goals for training with STRACK. If you want to train more we recommend only training 50% more than your training goal.

STRACK can be worn for longer periods of time, but it is suggested that you train with STRACK according to your personal plan.


24) Does my STRACK still work if I am not connected to the app?

A)  STRACK can work when the app is in the background or closed. With that said, each time you train you will need to use the app to connect to your STRACK and for calibration and stay within general vicinity of your phone.

After connecting through the mobile app, you may close the app and the device will continue to work. STRACK will continue to count your training time and analyze your posture. Upon returning to the app, it will automatically reconnect and syncs data.


25) Where is my data stored?

A)  All data is stored in our secure cloud in accordance with our privacy policy. When STRACK is not connected to a mobile phone, the data is stored in the device itself. The next time STRACK is connected to your phone, the data will transfer automatically to our cloud.


26) How do I update my STRACK device?

A)  From the Mobile App Settings section.


27) What accessories do I get with STRACK?

A)  Strack comes with two magnetic clasps, an adhesive pack, charging cable and a travel case


28) How do I charge my STRACK?

A)  STRACK comes with standard Micro USB charger. You can charge your STRACK by connecting to Computer or USB wall adapter.


29) How will STRACK improve my life?

A)  STRACK helps you look and feel more confident, while also encouraging you to lead a healthier, more active life. With STRACK, you’ll learn to hold yourself in good posture that makes you look slimmer and more attractive. Studies have shown that strong, open poses not only make you appear more confident to others, but actually make you feel more confident. Furthermore, STRACK tracks all of your walking, running, moving and offers personalized recommendations to help you find easy ways to fit more activity into your day.


30) When does STRACK vibrate?

A)  When you choose to turn on Coach Vibrations, the STRACK will gently vibrate when you slouch or hunch. Don’t want to receive vibrations anymore? Simply turn off Coach Vibrations and STRACK will continue to passively track your posture and activity without any vibrational feedback.


31) What are the dimensions of the STRACK?

A)  Width: 31mm (3.1cm) , Height: 47mm (4.7cm) , Thickness: 9mm (0.9cm)


32) What kind of feedback does STRACK provide?

A)  STRACK provides a mild vibration feedback when bad posture is detected. User can customize the intensity and duration of the vibration feedback using MY STRACK Mobile App.


33) Is STRACK Water-Resistant?

A)  Yes, STRACK is highly sweat- and water-resistant. However, it is not fully waterproof, so please do not submerge your STRACK in water.


34) What is the warranty of STRACK?

A)  We offer 1-year warranty that covers any defects in material or workmanship that arise during the intended use of the product. Please click here for full warranty information.


35) What is the return policy of STRACK?

A)  If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we will gladly accept your return within 10 days of the shipping date. Please note that, DIPITR does not accept returns purchased through third party retailers.

To return STRACK, please contact support@dipitr.com to initiate the return process, by providing us with the following information to verify your purchase:

  • Full Name
  • Proof of Purchase (Order Number or Order Confirmation Email)

Once we verify your purchase information and your eligibility for return and a full-refund, we will provide the RMA information to you via email. On receiving your return, the refund will be processed within 7-10 business days of receiving your order at our warehouse. Your refund (minus shipping and handling fees, if any) will be issued back to your original payment method.

Please allow 1 to 2 billing cycles for the refund to appear on your printed credit card statement.


36) How do I make changes to the order?

A)  Contact us via support on our website


37) Do you offer international shipping?

A) Contact us via support on our website