Yes, There’s An Ideal Christmas Gift

Yes, There’s An Ideal Christmas Gift

Gift your homies constant companionship with Strack this festive season

Connection beats exile. Light triumphs darkness. And hope prevails over the uncertainty. Always. That is the reason for this season. We at Dipitr are inspired by the human propensity for connection and companionship. And Strack is made up of such timeless themes.

Strack is a smart wearable posture corrector with a bio-feedback mechanism. It’s like a friend that reminds you of your posture in a non-intrusive manner. And we think it’s the perfect Christmas gift this 2020.

Here are 5 reasons why



  • The psychology of gifting
  • Gifts have always been symbols of love and connection. Andrew Parsons from AUT Business School says that the messaging behind every gift extends beyond the gift itself. It can be symbolic, functional, or experiential. Or in the case of Strack, it’s a mix of all three.



  • The gift model
  • Krogerus and Tschäppeler, in their genius compilation, ‘The Decision Book’ highlight how finding a sweet spot between the expensive gift and the valuable gift is important. Something not too pricey, and something of sentimental value. Strack fits that description just right.



  • The death of decision anxiety
  • Lights, sweets, and other festive gifts are all cute. And holidays aren’t happening until we have a vaccine that works. Sure, gifting is commercialized today. But simplicity is the key to sophistication. Declutter your gifting choices for something meaningful. Strack is simple, elegant, and satisfying.




  • Lifestyle changes are more than welcome
  • In the wake of the pandemic, everyone is forced to make massive lifestyle changes. The corporate world is moving to remote models of work. But is “work from the comfort of your home” actually comfortable? Are white-collar professionals equipped for this change with ergonomic furniture and posture-friendly work-stations?



  • The reason for the season

    You’ve revisited your life and health insurance plans, the ones that cover the whole family. But given the global atmosphere, you can also add more value to your little gifting choices. It’s time to show your loved ones that you care, more so if they’re far away. And remind them of the reason for this season: light, love, and life. 

    Go on, make the right choice. We’ve got you. Both you and yours.

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