Posture correction exercises at home

Posture correction exercises at home


Poor Posture is the most common problem noticed in many people, as we are likely involved in the activities that lead to bad postures. Postural dysfunction happens when your spine is situated in unnatural positions for extended periods of time that occur due to one’s daily activities.


How to know if your posture is poor?


  • Poor Posture: Rounded shoulders, slouching, head tilted forward, bent knees, potbelly are indications of your poor posture.
  • Good Posture: Your ear to your shoulder to your hip should align in a straight line, balanced, and upright posture.

Are you the one who falls in the poor posture category? Whether if your body has adopted the poor posture due to sitting at home, at the office, or overtime daily household work; you can improve your posture through these simple exercises.


Simple Exercises To Improve Your Posture


  1. Arch up: This activity incorporates three movements and all of these need you to tuck in your chin and do an outer rotation of your arms.
  • Shoulder flexion: Push your shoulder blades and arms upwards and try to raise your arms as high as possible. Make sure you do not bend your arms.
  • Horizontal abduction: Lift your arms as high as possible and attempt to squeeze your shoulder blades.
  • Shoulder extension: Push your arms upwards with your thumbs up and lift them as high as possible.



  1. Plank: Plank is one of the easiest exercises that can be very beneficial to your health if at all it’s done correctly. While you perform a plank, you should make sure to keep your legs straight, your lower back should not sink and you must be looking down at the floor.


  1. Seated Cow/Cat: Sit straight in the chair with your hands on your knees. While you inhale, you have to lift your heart up and forward and while you exhale, you should tuck your chin to your chest and round your spine. Repeat 10 – 15 cycles of breath.


  1. Seated Rotation: Sit straight in the chair and while you inhale, reach your hands up to the sky. While you exhale, bring you one hand to the opposite knee and the other to the back of a chair, or simply try to reach behind you. Repeat for another side too and perform 10 – 15 cycles of breath.


Cobra Pose: This exercise will help you to stretch out all the tightened muscles from sitting. Lay on your stomach with your feet hip-width apart and toes facing down. Place your hands directly under your shoulders.

Raise your upper body by bringing your shoulder blades down and back. Hold the position for some time and take a few long breaths at the top. Perform 4 – 5 repetitions.


  1. Seated Side Bend: Sit straight in the chair to begin the exercise. While you inhale, try reaching your hands up to the sky. While you exhale, bend towards the side to one side, reaching the top hand up and over. Repeat the same for the other side. Do 10 – 15 cycles of breath.


  1. Squat: Stand with your feet hip-width separated or somewhat more extensive with toes turned marginally out. Keep the knees behind the toes as you twist back and think about your glutes coming to back, attempting to sit in a seat behind you. Push through your heels as you come back to stand.


  1. Wall Angels: This is the simplest exercise to help you improve your posture. Recline against the wall and lift your arms up and down. While playing out this activity, ensure your back contacts the divider and your back is level against the divider.


  1. Band Over-And-Backs: This exercise will help you to stretch your shortened chest and shoulder muscles that are forcing you into this hunched posture.
    To begin with, hold the towel or band with a wide overhead grip. Now pull it slightly to create tension. Next, raise it to your head and behind your back without bowing your elbows. Do not force yourself to stretch much only go as far as you’re capable of it. Once you reach behind your back, try pulling your hands apart.


 Incorporating these posture exercise routines will eventually improve your posture. Here are a few more tips on your work from home chores which can also improve your posture.


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