Make Good Posture your New Year’s Resolution for 2020

Make Good Posture your New Year’s Resolution for 2020

According to the time management firm FranklinCovey, one third of resolutions don’t make it past the end of January. We have already reached the end of January. What is your status like?


A lot of resolutions fail because they are chosen for all the wrong reasons such as doing it for someone else, not planning well enough or setting unrealistic targets. We are here to give you a resolution which is not very hard to keep and will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine – practicing a good posture.


Why a good posture, you ask? A good posture is one of the best ways to better your spine health and positively impact your physical and mental status. Studies have shown that good posture makes us more confident, increases energy levels and helps manage stress.


People spend thousands of dollars at the doctor’s when they ignore their bad posture for years. By adopting some simple habits and putting in small, incremental efforts every single day, you can drastically improve your spine health.  Good posture also takes the strain of your joints and muscles which reduces your chance of having aches and pains. Improved posture will strengthen your whole body, releasing discomfort in your neck, back, hips and legs, so that you can get back to living pain-free.



Here are some simple tips for you to follow for a good posture this year –


Be aware


The best way to improve your posture is to be aware of the way you sit, stand and generally position your body under various circumstances. While this is impossible to keep track of with our hectic lives, you can use the tools and techniques available around you to keep you updated.


For instance, Strack is a smart posture corrector device that you can wear and get alerted whenever you slouch. It is a modern device that uses AI to help you better your posture. You can use it in manual or coach mode, set your own goals and improve your slouching habits in as less as 14 days.


Improve core strength


A strong core is a key to a straight and balanced posture. This is because your core supports your upper body, giving you the strength to hold yourself up with natural ease. Having a strong core also improves digestion, breathing and your overall health.


Include exercises in your physical activities that strengthen your core. Work towards building those core muscles that help you define your back strength and balance. You can also practice a series of yoga exercises to improve your balance, flexibility and range of motion, all of which lead to a better posture.


Invest in good ergonomic support


Our lifestyles are such that we sit for most of the day working on our laptops/desktops or staring at our phones. Investing in a good chair and adjustable desk at a good ergonomic height will help you sit and stand right. Buy an office chair that fits your body, and compliments your desk dimensions, thereby providing ergonomic support. The investment will be well worth it!


You can also invest in a standing desk which allows for easy transition between sitting and standing. These desks come with adjustable height settings that allows you to raise the entire surface areas of the desk.


So while better posture may not sound like a resolution that forces you to reach for the stars, it is worth thinking about. Start now and leave no regrets for later. As they rightly say, it’s better late than never.


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